Telecom Solutions

Telecom Solutions

Telecom Solutions based on modern protocols and apps

Everit provides a large number of telecom solutions which allow businesses to maximize their productivity, minimize their costs and keep up with the latest technology advances. Specifically, Everit’s solutions include:

IP PBX – Modern, flexible and cost effective solutions, hybrid or full IP, A branded or based on Asterisk technology, demonstrating unlimited potential that cover the exact needs of every company.

Contact Center Platform – One of the most successful Call Center Platforms, including features like Predictive Dialing, Intelligent Queuing, Modular IVR, Real Time Monitoring and Statistics and Encrypted Recording. You may use our platform either on premise or on the cloud.

VoIP telephony – Every business can decrease telecom costs but also gain access to smart features like answering your landline number on your mobile, avoiding roaming charges, receiving faxes to your email and other features.

CTI – The ability to integrate telecom services with any other platform (CRM, ERP, GIS, Web App, Custom Software), creating a Unified Communications environment.

Virtual PBX – For startups, businesses with minimized needs or those with mobility as a first priority the cloud based Virtual PBX platform, a fully functional PBX with no local installation is probably the solution you need.

Communication Security – Through Session Border Controller technology, you can protect your communication through encryption and your PBX through specialized firewalls.

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