Smart City

Smart City

The recent ICT developments and especially in the IoT* are undoubtedly a hope for creating new opportunities for more efficient resource management with multiple benefits for a wide range of end-users as well as in the field of vertical markets for certain companies involved in the subject.

*The IoT is estimated to have a $1.7T annual economic impact in cities by 2025.

IoT breakthrough can be adopted from Municipalities and other Governmental (or Non) bodies to Museum and other entities which are constantly engaged with the community.  The benefits are obvious:

  • Improve infrastructure and make existing infrastructure more scalable
  • Enhance public transportation and keep citizens safe and engaged in their community
  • Take advantage of the monitoring options to reduce spending, to protect the environment and improve quality of life and sustainable growth, while at the same time create more efficient and cost-effective services.

Our team is ready to contribute in Smart City projects with solutions for

-Environmental Sensing

-Smart Energy Management

-Wi-Fi hot spots

-Digital Signage implementations

-ICT Infrastructure (networks, structure cabling, data center, disaster recovery, fiber optic network)

-Unified Communication solutions

-Field Services Management

Any city may become “smarter”.

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Is your city ready for a "smarter" way of living?