Technical Services Management & Marketing surveys

Technical Services Management & Marketing surveys

IoT developments are rapidly transforming business operations and customer engagement. Companies that manage fleets or have groups of personnel inspecting the job process in the field now have more opportunities to manage, monitor and enhance their everyday practices.
Similar opportunities can be utilized also from companies which are dedicated in the sector of Marketing surveys.

Direct benefits :

Collect real-time information on the task, the location, hours in the field,
Centralized project management and assign tasks to users
Control costs and reduce operational expenses
Optimize routes and increase productivity
Increase security
Remotely diagnose maintenance requirements
Contract Management
Presence verification

And many more
The perfect tool which will transform your business and vehicle for the adaptation of IoT in your everyday practices is IN-SITE Field Services Management

Lastly in terms of integration demands, Everit is your partner and specialized in Integrations with various protocol, Applications and platforms. “Unified” is a prerequisite in the continuous effort of organizations to have their systems cooperate to increase productivity and operations control and achieve a decrease in costs and a maximization of profits. A modern business, has to create an integrated model of operations, to achieve a number of benefits.

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