Hospitality & Tourism Industry

Hospitality & Tourism Industry

The tourism sector in many countries is highly developed in all its forms (Hotels, Marinas, Villas, tourism-related businesses and so on).

However, as the markets evolve and competition intensifies the integration of new technologies that enhance customer’s experience from services being used becomes a must. New technologies create new channels of communication with customers, enhance loyalty while simplifying and unifying key business functions.

Everit is your partner with a portfolio of solutions appropriate to the tourism industry, which will help your company to adapt to the new changes of the digitized era with many “contactless” applications due to the Covid-19 new rules.

  • WiFi with outstanding performance in providing automatically internet access to your guests. With our solution, an outstanding performance in both PUBLIC and INROOM private secure wireless networks is provided.
  • WiFi Captive Portal for improving your marketing campaigns and getting the consent of your “terms of use” to protect you the hotelier against illegal internet use by malicious users.
  • Fiber to the room design and installation, providing high speed connections, low energy consumption, central monitoring and point of failure, limited cooling needs, readiness to spport multiple services
  • IPTV integrated with the PMS for personilized guest experience and premium add-ons as CASTING from guest’s smartphone, VOD (Video On Demand) and SIGNAGE
  • IPPBX for high quality and secured communications
  • Guest Experience Apps for modern bi-directional communication with or without TV contant on the go
  • Digital Menus for Restaurants-Bars-Cafes. Contactless – paperless ordering

are few of the solutions which are already giving added value to our customers from the hospitality industry. Our solutions are GDPR compliant.

Everit is also ready to provide all the necessary technologies concerning security, IT and Telecom infrastructure.

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