Fitness Clubs

Fitness Clubs

It is widely accepted that Technology is pervasive. Particularly in the fitness industry it shifts away from the traditional concepts and leveling up to higher tech solutions.

Technology and the internet have made it easier to bring together people and information to develop more comprehensive programs.

According to recent surveys on fitness trends from 2013 to 2016 across multiple categories:

Mobile Applications Have Increased by 168%
Online Class Reservations Have Increased By 144%
Online Training Services Have Increased by 163%

It’s no surprise that mobile app usage in clubs have seen the biggest growth over the past two years. Smartphone owners use apps for everything, and fitness is no exception. A club-branded mobile app is the best way for clubs to engage members, book services, inform on the fly and create a seamless, connected club experience. Furthermore, a mobile app can integrate various advantages and opportunities that arouse into one easy to implement technology solution.

One Appy is your Fitness Business Mobile Application to communicate with your clients at any time, offering to them advices, suggestions, updates regarding everything that is related to your business and activity.

We have a portfolio of solutions appropriate to the Fitness industry, which will help your company to adapt to the new changes of the digitized era: from WiFi Captive portal for seamless WiFi access for your clients to various IT Integrations and all the necessary technologies concerning security, IT and Telecom infrastructure, Everit is YOUR Partner.

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