Call Centers

Call Centers

Call centers have helped many companies to improve their service, since they provide clients with the opportunity to solve any doubt from the comfort of their own home. The departments in which call centers have a larger market share and a higher demand are, among others, the following:

  • Sales department
  • Accounts receivable department
  • technical support (help desk) and the complaints & suggestions departments

Everit provides the perfect Call center solution which can be designed to be highly available and scalable. Our platform can fulfil its mission whether it is on cloud or installed on premise. Each component supports either Active-Active Clustering or Active-Standby ensuring business continuity.

We have long experience in the Telecom sector and we are specialized in call centers implementations (small or big ones).

We are capable of providing high quality consultant services from A to Z in order to offer to our customers the perfect tool, which will meet their demands in the short term as long as in the long term.

Furthermore, Everit is affiliated partner with major vendors who are dedicated in providing infrastructure and equipment for any center.

Our company is also ready to provide all the necessary technologies concerning security, IT and Telecom infrastructure.

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