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Everit studies, designs and implements WiFi solutions that can range from simple to highly demanding requests. Based on our experience and supported by certified associates we can create and modify secured WiFi networks using high quality hardware (Controllers, Access Points, Repeaters) from certified, globally knowed manufacturers.

Everit strongly believes in digital marketing investment. Any business should benefit from modern solutions like Captive Portal and take advantage of the Social Media era.

Our Captive Portal solution offers a fast and smart way to login visitors / clients to your business wifi hotspot without passwords.

In addition we can offer advanced network management (stateful firewall with quality of service, traffic shaping, queuing, prioritization, bandwidth management and wan load balancing functionalities), web filtering and caching functionality as well.

Our Captive Portal solution is integrated with One Appy mobile app platform so businesses have 24/7 communication with their clients either they are inside their premises or anywhere else.

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