Power Protection & Cooling Solutions

Power Protection & Cooling SolutionsIT

Everit offers Energy (Power Protection) and Cooling Solutions, (UPS, Stabilizers, Batteries, UPS, Surge, Room cooling, peripherals) from internationally recognized and certified companies.

Our solutions offer security, maintenance Of Power, continuity Of Operation and protection of the equipment of every modern business environment. They are targeted at small businesses as well as critical industrial facilities and areas where the quality of supply and reliability of support is of particular importance.

Everit has long experience in Energy and Cooling studies and implementations, in cooperation with trusted partners and vendors.

The range of our products and solutions include

• Line Interactive solutions for protection of applications from 600VA -3KVA

• On Line UPS for critical loads 1KVA – 500+KVA

• Stabilizers, Power inverters / Alternative Power Systems

• DC Systems for Telecom Applications (PBX, Fiber Optic Systems etc.)

• Room Cooling (up flow, down flow, in row etc)

• Solutions for Industrial and Marine Systems

• Batteries

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