Everit studies, designs and implements networking infrastructure for computer rooms and data centers that can range from simple structure cabling to high level networking installations, wired or wireless. Everit and our experienced and certified associates can create and modify secured networks from Layer 2 up to Layer 7. The networks we create offer to our clients :

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Ease of Use
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Adaptability and Scalability

As a word Virtualization may evoke complex, pricey technologies beyond the grasp of all but the biggest enterprises. However, virtualization offers many benefits for all businesses, including cost savings and IT efficiency.

Everit helps to leverage the power of virtualization in SMB’s with reliability and competitive pricing. We have a proven experience (in Hyper-V, VMware and open source platforms) with many projects in order to help you move to the next stage and create or modify virtualization solutions according to your demands.

With virtualization your company can:

  • Save energy
  • Less heat buildup
  • Greener pastures
  • Increase uptime
  • Easier backups
  • Faster redeploy
  • Reduced cost
  • Reduce hardware vendor lock-in
  • Faster server provisioning
  • Better testing
  • Improve disaster recovery
  • Easier migration to cloud
  • Isolate applications
  • Extend the life of older applications

Business Continuity, even after a large disaster in IT infrastructure, can make a difference in the survival of a company and saving its profits. Everit, knowing how important it is to have a correct Disaster Recovery infrastructure and policy, handles the implementation, from planning the infrastructure, creating the contingency plan, monitoring the data, up to selecting and installing the right equipment used for the Disaster Recovery Site.

This way, a business can feel secure that in case of a problem small (cable distraction or power cut) or large (fire or earthquake), its basic IT and Telecom infrastructure will continue to operate, securing that the business cost will be the minimum.

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