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IP PBX / VoIP / SecurityTelecom

Everit provides state of the art IP PBX Solutions. Our portfolio includes both A Branded and Open Source (Asterisk) PBX solutions.

Either a business is small or large, VoIP PBX technology offers a full range of features, combined with maximum flexibility and system stability.

Starting from a few trunks (BRI or PRI or PSTN or SIP) and extensions (agents) through clustering of multiple modules the extensions can be upgraded with no limit.

Due to its open architecture, our solution is compatible with a large range of IP Phones and supports all VoIP communication protocols allowing a free device selection.

Some features:

• Large and easy expandability

• Easy management

• Call Detail Records

• IVR – Interactive Voice Responce

• Call Recording

• Voice Mail

• Clustering and Load Balancing

• Conferencing

• Chat Rooms

• Skype Connection

• Call Routing based on Caller ID

• Least Cost Routing – LCR

• Queuing

Through our proposed telecom services platform you may talk in a more cost-effective way with high quality, but also enjoy its services wherever you are, through your IP device, your Smart Phone, your Tablet and your PC.

Through this platform you can:

  • Make and receive calls worldwide, benefiting from the lowest cost.
  • Acquire a new phone number.
  • Receive fax at your email account.
  • Make outbound call campaigns.
  • Talk safely through encrypted communication.

And also “carry” your landline wherever you are.

All the above through just an internet connection.

Besides, you have the ability to acquire a geographical or non geographical number in more than 50 countries and 8,000 cities worldwide.

Nowadays the main concern in communications is security as well as PBX hacking. Everit ensures the security of your Telecommunication equipment and of communication itself.

Through SIP Security Controllers and Session Border Controller (SBC) infrastructure that Everit offers, security against hacking is provided and the calls are secured. Addressed both for small offices as well as for large organizations, Everit’s solutions provide secure access to a communication system.

Every telecom project for our team means recording your needs, analysis, implementation and testing, installation at your premises, staff training and finally On-Line system monitoring and technical support.

Everit provides a variety of maintenance contracts. The support of any IP PBX can also be done remotely. We take care to upgrade your software if required to resolve problems or malfunctions of the system.

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