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More and more the issue of physical security is a priority for every company and organization in order to protect people, facilities, equipment and all kinds of investment and asset.

Everit provides FIRE and SMOKE DETECTION systems which help in this direction.

Besides the common FIRE DETECTION systems (fire detectors, temperature sensors etc) an innovative SMOKE DETECTION system has been developed by our team using the CCTV infrastucture:

Several flame and smoke features are checked by our system including motion, color information, geometry attributes and temporal/spatial characteristics. The system operates on user defined areas/tiles that are obtained through scene characterization and image segmentation, thus resulting in texture and distance uniform areas. The system offers day/night operation as luminance conditions are taken into account by selecting the appropriate algorithms and adjusting detection thresholds.

Waste management facilities

Waste management facilities have many fire incidents that cause significant environmental pollution. The early warning of such incidents can improve their eco-friendly operation and the safety of the personnel working and moving inside them.


Forests and protected environmental areas

Many different types of forests need additional protection. Fires are the main threat for many areas such as periurban forests, botanical parks and gardens, NATURA 2000 regions, cultural landscapes and other sensitive ecosystems. Meleagros, through unsupervised monitoring of such areas can be a good defense against this threat, without requiring many human resources. Moreover, even in cases where human guards survey such areas, Meleagros can provide visual verification to the authorities and a localization of the incident. It is widely known that human guards only rarely report the correct locations of incidents.



Plants and industrial facilities are common places where fire-related accidents happen. The existence of high voltage power lines and many electromechanical equipment often causes small or larger fires to break up. Moreover, the existence of exhaust due to the manufacturing processes sometimes makes typical smoke detection systems insufficient. Meleagros can provide a supplementary system for monitoring industrial areas and an additional protection system for workers.



A fire in a warehouse is a very important threat with severe effects on the respective companies. Furthermore, a fire in the warehouses and storage facilities of specific industries, e.g., in the paper and wood domain, can result in “end of business”. Typically, such facilities have high-ceiling or outdoor areas where typical smoke detectors and fire alarm systems cannot be very effective due to smoke stratification.


Big public buildings, malls, and buildings with atria

In big indoor or mixed indoor-outdoor spaces, fire monitoring with traditional means may be ineffective (e.g., due to small smoke concentration and smoke stratification effects). The large and high-ceiling spaces of such buildings that are the outcome of huge investments and may host many other enterprises (in the case of malls), should have maximum protection from any type of threat. During working hours the need for monitoring is not very big due to human activity and presence. However, in the rest of the time, maximum protection and early-warning is crucial. Meleagros products can be used in conjunction with existing video surveillance systems (CCTV) or in new dedicated installations.

Everit with it’s expertise in the fields of Information Technology, Networks, Telecommunications can integrate CCTV into an integrated technological proposal – a solution which is provided to our customers and resellers

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