SUPERVISORY PLATFORM – COSMOAccess, monitor and interact with the several systems of your organisation - all in one place

Forget about traditional command and control centres which use separate sets of information and do not correlate activities or events. COSMO PSIM+ allows you to easily manage data from existing dispersed security devices and information systems (video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control, environmental sensors, analytics, networks, building management systems, etc.) to enable users to identify and proactively resolve situations.The growing complexity of today’s physical, virtual and cloud-based datacenters, as well as WAN and mobile infrastructures, is making it increasingly difficult to deliver visibility and correlation across an entire infrastructure of technologies. Organizations need to deliver operational analytics to gain end-to-end actionable insights across their entire infrastructure, including insight into faults, events, capacity, configurations and security of their storage, server and network elements.

COSMO PSIM+ is the perfect solution for your organisation – it was designed with an API-First development approach, it is independent from all hardware brands and was developed with an emphasis on security, scalability and extensibility.

Gain brand independence, using the systems that best meet your needs. We are able to integrate any equipment and/or software in COSMO PSIM+ platform. Coexistence of multiple unconnected devices and information systems is no longer a nightmare.

The simple, intuitive user interface is designed to help users see exactly what they need to focus on and make data-driven decisions.
– Security Operators can focus on security & emergency events and benefit from guided standard operating procedures.
– Energy Efficiency | Department of Energy will experience the simplest way to monitor electricity, water and gas consumption with real-time data and history.
– Maintenance Department can easily manage reactive and planned maintenance, thus controlling costs.
– Marketing Department can focus on improving customer experience and collecting insights for a successful retail strategy.

Experience the difference the right data in the right place can make.

With COSMO PSIM+, you will have immediate and long-term return on investment on your corporate culture, your internal processes and in your human and material assets:

  • • Make the best security, operational, marketing and staffing decisions;
  • • Get the full operational picture of your organisation (security tasks, maintenance tasks, corporate analytics, etc);
  • • Gain product, brand and technology independency. PSIM is an “agnostic” solution in terms of interoperability with already installed security solutions;
  • • Collect data from multiple sources and avoid the costs of “wrong decisions”, with decisions supported by real-time data;
  • • Get more work done in less time, implementing integrated tasks and avoiding activities with no value-added for your team;
  • • Monitor your energy consumptions and implement energy efficiency policies and measures;
  • • Reduce overall cost by reducing the labour required to maintain and manage multiple software systems.

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