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More and more the issue of physical security is a priority for every company and organization in order to protect people, facilities, equipment and all kinds of investment and asset.

Everit provides Alarm Systems which help in this direction.

In the Alarm category, the following products and services are included: Alarm Panels, Detectors, Contacts, Radar and other peripherals

Specifically for the Perimeter coverage, we use Optical cables or Infrared and Microwave Transceivers.

Our solutions can meet the different monitoring needs of organizations of various sectors, regardless of size, such as:

  • Offices, warehouses, shops, shoppingcenters, showrooms, museums
  • Industrial areas, transport stations, parking, steps, sports centers
  • Banks, airports, call centers, Photovoltaic, refineries, military installations, etc.

Everit with it’s expertise in the fields of Information Technology, Networks, Telecommunications can integrate ALARM (BAS) into an integrated technological proposal – a solution which is provided to our customers and resellers

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